Services and Products

Here is a list of the services and products we provide and their descriptions.

Examinations: We can listen to the heart and lungs, inspect the skin and coat, ears, eyes, nose and throat of your pet.

Vaccines: We can administer vaccines via injection. We provide the following vaccines:

– For Dogs:

DHLPP: A basic Canine 5-in-1 vaccine which includes protection against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza.

Rabies: Protection against the common Rabies virus. This vaccine is legally required in most states. We offer a 1 year, or 3 year vaccine for Canines.

Bordatella: Protection against Kennel Cough. This vaccine may be required before boarding at most facilities, and can be administered up to 6 months in advance.

– For Cats:

Purevaxx FVRCP: Protects against Calcivirus, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, and Feline Distemper.

Purevaxx Rabies: Protects against common Rabies virus.

FELV: Protects against Feline Leukemia.

Intestinal Worm Check: We can test a sample of fecal matter from your pet to determine whether or not they have microscopic forms of parasites in their digestive tract.

Heartworm Check: We can test a small sample of blood to determine whether or not your pet has potentially fatal parasites in the bloodstream, heart, or in the case of Felines, in the lungs.

Nail Trims: We can trim your pet’s nails.

Radiographs: The vet will take an X-Ray of your pet to evaluate broken bones.

Ultrasound: The vet will use an ultrasound machine to test for abnormalities such as intestinal blockages or kidney stones.

Blood Glucose Test: We can test a small sample of blood to see if the blood sugar level of your pet is at the correct levels.

In-House Blood Tests: At the Ark, we have a wide variety of equipment at our disposal. In some cases, the Vet may need to test a sample of blood for Liver or Kidney abnormalities, among other things.

Specialty Blood Tests: Sometimes the Vet may need to send a sample of your pet’s blood to the specialists at Auburn to identify rare conditions, or to do in-depth profiles for elderly patients.

Urine Tests: We can test a sample of urine to determine whether or not your pet has a bladder infection.

Diet Consultations: We can consult with you about your pet’s dietary needs, and recommend a specific diet for your pet.

Weight: We will weigh your pet before every visit. We will use this information for everything from Dietary Consultation to dosages for your pet’s medications.

Teeth Cleaning: We can use specialized dental equipment to clean your pet’s teeth. This procedure requires light sedation, and must be set up by appointment.

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork: We can test a sample of blood to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. This type of work up is recommended before any procedure that requires anesthesia.

Pain Management: We can give your pet pain medications after surgical procedures.

Surgeries: We provide many types of surgery here at the Ark. All of our vets are highly skilled and qualified to perform each of these procedures. Here is a list of the most common types of surgery. Specialty surgeries are sometimes performed or referred, and depend upon the circumstance.

– Spay: We can remove the reproductive organs of a female dog or cat.

– Neuter: We can remove the reproductive organs of a male dog or cat.

– Ligament Surgeries: We can repair torn ligaments, usually in the knees. This type of procedure must be recommended before scheduling.

– Bone Surgeries: We can sometimes repair broken bones. This type of surgery requires pre-surgical x-rays to determine whether or not the surgery can be performed.

– Wound Repair: We can clean and stitch deep wounds.

– Eye Surgeries: This includes the repair of “Cherry Eye”, third eyelid suture to repair scratches to the cornea, and removal of severely damaged eyes.

– Amputation: We can amputate severely wounded limbs. This type of surgery requires authorization and a consultation before it can be scheduled.

– C-Section: We can perform a Cesarean Section on a pregnant animal that cannot have puppies on her own.

Artificial Insemination: We can artificially inseminate a female dog for the purpose of producing puppies. There is no guarantee with this procedure.

Birthing: We can aid in birthing puppies or kittens.

Intensive Care: At the Ark we have up-to-date monitoring capabilities and state of the art facilites for the best possible care. In some cases, your pet may have a sever illness or wound that requires that they stay with us.

IV Fluids: We can administer medication and hydrating fluids to your pet via IV.

Euthanasia: When the time comes, we can help you say goodbye to your pet.

Cremation Services: Greenbrier Pet Care Services offers a wide range of urns and services to accommodate your pet after death. We work directly with the company, so you don’t have to. To see more about Greenbrier, visit our Forms and Links page.

Medications: At the Ark we have a full stock of medications to deal with every type of medical situation, from minor itch and irritations to seizure medicines. We also provide a wide variety of Heartworm, Flea, and Tick preventatives. Please download our Online Pharmacy Policy to see our policy about dealing with online pharmacies.

Specialty Food: We offer prescription diets from the most trusted brand names, such as Science Diet, Hills, and Purina.


PRICES DISCLAIMER: Often the manufacturers of certain items that we provide increase their cost to us. We must reflect this increase in our pricing, and therefore the prices of such items will fluctuate from time to time. However, we endeavor to absorb as much of the price difference as possible to bring you the absolute best items at the lowest prices possible.



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  1. I have a friend who comes to you guys and recommend you for getting my dog spayed.She is 13lb,part palmoranian-jack russel,father and chiuawha,?spelling,mother.She’s had shots I’m looking for the cheapest but good place I can fin to get her spayed.Thank you for a returned answer on an estamate of price if you would.

    • Dear Rickie,

      Thanks for your inquiry! Prices for surgical procedures are based on several factors, and therefore, an estimate over the internet isn’t something we can do. However, I can tell you that the Ark offers competitive pricing, which we would be happy to tell you about over the phone. Our surgical forms are available for download on our Forms and Links page, which will have more details about surgical procedures and the related services that are offered with them, such as pre-anesthetic bloodwork and pain management for you pet. We can give your dog’s vaccinations at the time of surgery, and they generally run about $35 for both the Distemper-Parvo vaccine and the annual Rabies Vaccine. A 3 year Rabies vaccine is also available for an additional charge, as well as Kennel Cough vaccines for boarding, should you need them.

    • I can tell you their prices are better than most and they are excellent vets. They care for and love animals and know what they are doing.

  2. We have two kittens that y’all said could be brought in for spaying. Do we need to make an appointment for them? We would want to bring them in together so they could both heal a the same time.
    Thanks for your answer!

    • Dear Lisa,
      Yes ma’am, you would need to schedule those surgeries through the front desk. You can make your appointment over the phone (334-285-4210) or in person. You are more than welcome to schedule them on the same day. Each of your pets will need a Surgery Authorization Form signed, as well as a Surgical Pain Management form, both of which you can find on our Forms and Links page.

  3. I have been to this hospital 4 times in the span of 6 months or a little over now. I have no idea what is wrong with my cat and I really need help with her. She looks absolutely miserable. I was told that it was an allergy, we gave her medicines/shots for it. She was healthy for about a week before going back into her miserable state, scratching, losing patches of hair etc etc. I’m sorry to say, but I honestly can’t afford all these visits and I just want my cat to be healthy. The expenses are already in the close 500s and I’m just working a part time job. Is there any possible way we can schedule a visit and figure out what’s going on with my cat? Is there any way to set up a payment plan or discuss a fee? If not, is there a no kill shelter that you can reccomend? Are you guys a no kill shelter? I’m so sorry about the long post. I’m just really worried about my cat. She’s a little less than a year old. I am sorry.

    • Dear Alex,
      We apologize for the delayed response. So sorry to hear about your situation! It sounds as though your cat has a typical allergy, most commonly caused by fleas or exposure to something in her environment (grass, pollen, types of food). Allergies are a difficult problem to contain for two reasons. The first is that they are so common, it is nearly impossible to figure out exactly what it is she is allergic to, and second, it is a lifetime issue that can only be treated. There are several ways to treat allergies. The first is medication, which for cats can be problematic, as they are typically more difficult to medicate by mouth. The second option is regular allergy injections, administered by your vet.
      An allergy injection typically costs about 20-25 dollars, and is usually administered once a month or once every three months, depending on the type of injection and the severity of her symptoms. The Ark is a walk-in based company, meaning there is no need for an appointment. Our hours are Mon-Fri 7:00 – 12:00/ 2:30 – 5:30, and from 8:00 – 12:00 on Saturdays. We would be more than happy to see you any time we’re open. We are not a shelter, and would like you to consider speaking with one of our vets before you decide to go that far. However, there are shelters in the area that would be willing to take her, should you decide you can’t take care of her any longer. Our people can give you their contact information at the front desk.

  4. A friend of mine found a dog outside his house that has a tag from you guys with the tag # 2632. It’s a large German shepherd dog. We just want to try to return it to its owners. Any help would be great.

    • Please call 334-285-4210 to speak with one of the front desk staff. They can locate the dog’s owner by the tag number and contact them for you.

  5. I am new to the area and I have a 7 year old shih-tzu/poodle who needs her yearly shots. She weighs about 10lbs and I am just wondering a round about cost for yearly shots? Thank you for your time!

    • Annual vaccines usually include the DHLPP (5 in 1) vaccine and the Annual Rabies vaccine. We also offer a 3 year Rabies vaccine and a Kennel Cough vaccine for those who might be boarding their dogs. Prices change, but the cost for the DHLPP is about $25, and the 1 year Rabies is about $12. The 3 year Rabies vaccine is about $27 and the Kennel Cough vaccine is about $12. Please call the front dest at (334) 285-4210 to verify prices before filling out checks or getting cash, as these prices are estimates and subject to change as well as tax fees.

  6. Hey. I have about a 6 or 7 yr old mini Rat Terrier. I believe he came there years ago. He needs his shots (rabies, parvo,distemper) and also I think he needs some dental work done. He needs a good cleaning… And One specific tooth in the back looks infected?? It hasn’t caused any swelling yet, but it looks pretty bad. Can I get an estimate on the price of these 2 services added together? Thank you!

    • Prices are always subject to change, because the medical companies that supply our medicine, equipment, food, and anesthetics are constantly changing their prices as well. Because of this, we cannot supply exact estimates via the internet, and no estimate that is given over the phone or in person can be considered valid after a period one week. However, generally speaking, the Distemper/Parvo vaccine runs about $25 and the Annual Rabies runs about $12. We offer a three year Rabies vaccine for about $27. Teeth Cleanings run about $80 and additional charges may be added if the infected tooth needs to be pulled and additional pain medication given. It also does not include maintenance oral care products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental foods or oral rinses, which are sold separately and are optional.

  7. I heard from a neighbor that they used you guys for puppy training. Do you offer this service and can you give me more information about your classes and pricing?

    • The Ark does not currently offer puppy training. However, there are always classes at your local PetSmart, and there are several trainers that may be willing to do private lessons in the area.

  8. My lab had immiticide treatment on March 20th with a Dr in Clanton and Doctor is closed for weekend with no emergency contact(beyond Bham emergency clinic)and I am worried about the thunderstorms freaking my dog out him being in heartworm clear-out period. Is it possible to come in and meet with a vet to see about getting something to keep him calm during the severe weather?

    • Dear Walter,
      Yes, our vet offers a few mild sedatives for severe weather. You will need to bring your dog with you, as he will need to be examined (or have a copy of your vet’s records) before any sedative can be dispensed.

  9. My kitten is in need of spaying. How old does she need to be before I can bring her in? Also, do you declaw cats and if so, how old does she need to be?

    • Dear Kim,
      She needs to be at least 6 months old before we can spay her. We can declaw her at the same time as her spay, or we can do it before, as long as she is 12 weeks old or older.

  10. I use the Ark for all my pets past & present..yet have never asked:
    Do you micro chip? I am considering it for my daschund …

        • Currently, microchips are about $55. However, call the front desk to confirm that no more than a week before you come in, since the companies that provide the chips sometimes increase their prices, and consequently so do we.

  11. I use to take my Chi-Chi here about 2 years ago (He will be 4 in September). I recently moved back to Alabama, and he needs his Rabies shots and his nails trimmed, and whatever else a 4 year old gets. I am pricing out vets in the local area and I am wondering on the prices for this facility. Thank you!!

    • If your records with us were within the last 5 years, we should still have Chi-Chi on file. Nail trims are currently $7.00, One year Rabies shots for dogs are currently $11.50. Anything else you want is up to you, and pricing is available at the front desk.

  12. Does this vet facility renew the Home again Microchip’s? I was on their website and they do not accept Debit cards..

    • No Ma’am, we insert the microchip and send in the initial paper work, but maintenance of the account is up to the individual owners after that point.

  13. I have a 7 yr old boxer/bulldog mix that needs his annual rabies shot. What do you charge for those? And he has not been fixed either. Is there an age limit for a dog to be fixed?

    • Annual rabies vaccines currently cost $11.50 at the Ark. As for the neutering, we can neuter him anytime after the age of 6 months. The only concerns about age after that point is in regards to how well he does under anesthesia. If he is an older dog, we strongly recommend getting the pre-anesthetic bloodwork done before he has his surgery.

  14. I have a 8-10week old tabby bobcat mixed kitten and I was just wondering what would the price range be for her first visit to the vet shots vaccinations and anything else she might need just a rough estimate she is not showing any signs of fleas or worms and seems to be in good health

    • Dear Bree,
      Kittens between 8-10 weeks can have an FVRCP vaccination, and an FeLv (feline leukemia) vaccination. If the kitten comes from an unknown parentage, then she may need to be tested for FIV (feline aids) or FeLv. The test is optional, and is only a ten minute test. Vaccination costs, the cost for the test, and for anything the doctor needs to examine vary based on what you decide to do. Contact the front office for an estimate.

  15. How much do you charge for heartworm screening on puppies, and also if he has them how much is the prevention?

    • Dear Lauren,
      Puppies less than 6 months old do not need to be tested for heartworms, and can start on any heartworm prevention regiment after 12 weeks of age. Puppies older than 6 months can be tested, and the test costs around 35 dollars. Prevention medication is recommended for ALL dogs and cats older than 12 weeks, as a means of preventing heartwork disease. There are a variety of medications for this, some that include flea prevention. Costs vary based on your pet’s size and whether or not they have reached their true weight yet. If the puppy tests positive for heartworms, treatment options and their prices will be discussed with you at the clinic.

    • Dear Kim,
      We generally do not board healthy animals, since most of our kennels have sick or injured animals in them, and some sicknesses can be contagious. That being said, Boarding The Ark is a boarding service that is in the same parking lot as the Ark Animal Hospital. Their number is 334-285-5557.

  16. I just saved a stray cat and she seems to be breathing fast. It’s started a few days ago and I’ve had her for almost two weeks tying to Find a cheap vet. She holds her head low but still is affectionate. She looks to be around one years old. Do you have an idea of the pricing the tests would be? And any vaccines that she will need?

    • Dear Desirea,
      Congratulations on finding her! The breathing fast could be a variety of things, but top of the list is dehydration. Since the cat is a stray, you don’t know what health problems she might have, so a general health exam, vaccines, deworming, and a FIV/FELV test would be in order. The vaccines should be done after the tests, as some of them can temporarily stress the immune system, which could be a problem if she has any current health issues. The exam would be $45.00, but that price goes down with vaccines. Ask the vet to give you an estimate for all tests and vaccines beforehand.

  17. Do you treat mini pot belly pigs? I have a 4 week old female and she needs deworming and would love to bring her there since we bring our other pets there. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately, swine of all sizes are considered a large animal, and you would need a large animal vet for that. Contact the front office if you would like some listings of large animal vets in the area.

  18. Hi, I have a female cat that was a stray that had kittens today. how long do I need to wait to get her spayed, and how much does that cost?

    • Dear Kayla,
      If she is old enough to have kittens, she is certainly old enough to be spayed. We recommend waiting until she has weaned the kittens before spaying her (they will be 6 to 8 weeks old when this happens), however, be aware that cats can become pregnant again BEFORE weaning her first litter. Spaying a cat while in heat or pregnant is dangerous and adds cost to the overall price of the spay, so be careful to keep her separated from males. Surgery prices fluctuate based on the current costs of anesthesia and supplies, so call the front desk to get an estimate and to set up your appointment

  19. I am my cat to my grandmother for christmas but I need to have her declawed. Do you guys declare cats? If so, how much will it cosy? If not, do you know of somewhere I can go to get that done?

    • Dear Kelly,

      Lol, I think I can make this out, but I’m betting there was some auto-correct in that sentence. Yes, we declaw cats, and the cost can vary based on whether you want blood work or pain medicine given after the surgery. Please call the front desk for current prices and to set up an appointment. We can not declaw cats who are younger than 12 weeks old.

  20. I have a lab mix puppy that is 4 1/2 months old, how old does he have to be before we have him nuetered? I also need a price.

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      We can neuter your pet as early as 6 months, but not before. Prices will vary based on the weight of your animal and whether or not you wish to have pre-surgical bloodwork or pain medications for him. You can call the front desk at any time for an estimate and to set up your appointment.

  21. My puppy is an american pittbull terrier an she I 2 months old or more an she hasn’t got any shots what does she need an how much is it an how much is it to get her spayed

    • Dear Katie,
      We normally recommend a series of puppy vaccinations, starting at 6-8 weeks old. It sounds as though your puppy is due for her first set, which will be a DHLPP, or five in one shot. She should also be tested for internal parasites (worms) and dewormed. The assistant should give you a Health Record, which will show you what dates to come back in for the rest of her shots. We can spay her when she turns 6 months old. Please call the front desk for an estimate.

  22. I need to bring in my girl, border collie X, for rabies and kennel cough shots. Will there also be an office visit fee? If so, how much is that? Thanks!!

    • Dear Leigh,
      At the Ark Animal Hospital we only charge for what services are rendered, meaning if you only want vaccines, that’s all you get charged for. If you would like an examination, the fee is around $45. If not, just tell the receptionists that all you want is a rabies vaccination and a kennel cough vaccination and nothing else.

  23. Hi, we are picking up a rescue (not shelter) female Doberman puppy in the next few days. From what I’ve heard, she is 5 months old, and has had her 1st round of puppy shots, but needs to be dewormed. What can we expect from a first office visit? Thanks!

    • Dear Heather,
      Normally, by the time they are 5 months old puppies should have had about 4 sets of puppy shots, so it is likely she will need at least one set when she comes in. If she has not had her rabies vaccine by this time, she will need that as well. It would be a good idea to test for intestinal worms, and to get her started on heartworm medications. Feel free to come in any time we are open, and remember that you can get an estimate from the receptionists anytime.

  24. Can I bring in two cats for their one year rabies shot? Do I need an appointment? How much for the shots? Thank you.

    • Dear Terry,
      Yes, you can bring both of your cats in at the same time if you like. We do offer the single year rabies shot, and no, you do not need an appointment. As for the price, please contact the front desk to confirm current prices for that particular vaccine.

  25. Posting today to see if you guys offer dental exams for cats and if possible an extraction if the cat needs it? Also the cost of such services. Just want to know because one of our cats is having problems with her right bottom canine and it hurts her when we touch it. 🙁 Any help with this would be appreciated.

    • Dear Cristina,

      Yes, we offer dental exams and extractions for cats. The cost varies based on the severity of tooth decay, how many teeth need to be removed (if at all), sedation costs, etc. If you would like a consultation with one of our doctors so that they can give you an estimate for such services, please feel free to bring your pet in for a preliminary exam anytime.

  26. I just inherited a dog from my sister, who had him on Trifexis for heart worm prevention. I’d like to start giving him Revolution, because it also prevents fleas and ticks. Will he need another heart worm test before I can get a prescription for Revolution?

    • Dear Abby,
      Only if he has been off of Trifexis for more than two months. If not, then you should be able to switch medications without a problem. We do strongly recommend getting him tested for heartworms once a year regardless of what medication you choose to use, as no medication is 100% guaranteed to prevent parasites.

  27. I need to find a good dog trainer. I have a 17 week old Olde English Bulldog who I just cannot get house broke not to mention his sweet stubborn streak has lost the “Cute” factor

    Thank you,


    • Dear Finley,
      We do, they must be at least 12 weeks old for that procedure. For a full list of costs involved with that procedure, contact the front desk and ask for an estimate, including pain management, anesthesia, and special litter costs.

  28. Will it cost anything to bring a kitten in to see how old she is? We found the kitten 3/4 weeks ago.

    • Dear Finley,
      Not unless you want a full examination. Just bring the kitten in and ask the receptionists if she can have the vet check the age of the kitten. It should be fairly quick. If you want anything examined (eyes, ears, skin, deworming, etc.) that will costs an examination fee.

  29. I have a cat that was given to me. She has FLEAS so bad. Do you guys do flea dipping & if so, how much is it? Thx in advance.

    • Dear Becky,

      We can provide you with flea prevention products, but flea dips and baths would need to be scheduled with your groomer. If you like, you may contact Boarding The Ark, which is in the same parking area as our Hospital, and see if they provide flea dips. Their number is 334-285-5557. If you would prefer flea medications, there are several different kinds that we offer, and the ladies at the front desk would be happy to find the right one for your needs.

  30. Hi, I recently got a dachshund puppy. She is almost 4 months old, and is up to date on all her shots. Latley, she has been having a strange cough, almost like she is trying to throwup or get rid of a lougie but nothing ever comes out. It usually happens at night or early in the morning, but after her little episode she’s running around and seems perfectly normal. I’m debating on weither to bring her to the vet or not, because I can’t afford it. However, if someting is wrong I want to get her immediate help. My grandmother believes that it could possibly be Kennel Cough. What is the best option for me to do?

    • Dear Brianna,
      Coughing can be a symptom of many things. In smaller animals, especially when the cough is circumstantial (i.e. just in the mornings or at night, etc.) it could be indication of a reflex action we call the “reverse sneeze”. In such a case, there is no medication, because the cough is not due to an infection of any kind, but rather a spasm of the throat muscles. However, if the cough gets worse, or your dog begins to lose her appetite, run a fever, or show other symptoms, then she needs to be seen by a vet. You can always ask for an estimate beforehand, which should allow you to anticipate the financial aspect of your visit.

  31. Emergency! We are current clients and have returned from a week-long trip to find our 7yo cat with blood in her urine. At first I thought it was a UTI or FUS, but we have also discovered that she could have fallen from our loft to the floor below. If she is bleeding internally, I’m concerned she may be in danger to wait until 1/2/15 since I assume you’re closed tomorrow. What should we do?

    • Dear Risa,

      Any time you have a serious emergency situation, we recommend you go to the emergency clinic in Montgomery. Their number is 334-264-5555.

  32. My 15 year old cat has been in your care for several years. He was in today, and it seems he is in his final days. I was wondering whether you offer euthanasia by home care visit? If he begins to suffer, I don’t want to prolong that, but I know he would be able to go more peacefully at home, not under the steess of a car ride and strange surroundings.
    Thank you

    • Dear Sonya,
      Generally speaking, we do not normally perform services off site. We try to reduce the stress as much as possible by placing you and your pet in a special room that is very quiet and comfortable. However, if you have been seeing one of the doctors more frequently than the others, I would suggest you schedule a time to come in and talk to them personally.

  33. I have a 3 month old Pitt bull puppy named Alley… I use y’all for her shots and health issues but I am wanting to get her ears clipped and wondered if y’all do that and home much it coats…

    • Dear Amanda, I’m afraid we do not crop ears at the Ark. However, there are several veterinarians in Montgomery and the surrounding areas that do.

  34. My 12 year old Maltese has always been VERY loving and laid back. He has been seen there several times however it’s been a while since he’s been in. “I” recently got his rabies shot through the “county rabies drive” near my home & it was a female that gave him the injection, two days later out of the blue he turned completely against my husband & growled at him, now he runs to his house if hubby even speaks to him..they were always SO close now he’s glued to ME whether I go to the sink 3′ away or to the sofa he’s on my heels. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

    • Dear Tammy,
      Behavioral changes that are specific to a single person is not a symptom commonly associated with vaccinations, so I wouldn’t think that the rabies shot has anything to do with it. Rapid behavioral changes can be symptomatic of many things. Since your pet is an older dog, it’s recommended that you get geriatric bloodwork done to rule out problems that come with age, such as thyroid conditions which can cause seizures and behavioral changes.

  35. Do the vets at the Ark treat reptiles. I have a red eared slider and want to find a vet to have her checked out. She has always been healthy But her eye lids got puffy over night. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Jenna,

      Yes, Dr. Kocher is our exotics specialist. Call the front desk to make sure she is taking new reptiles, and to see when she will be available to examine your pet.

  36. I am getting a miniature schnauzer in 4 weeks. I realize she wont need heartworm proventative right away, but can you tell me about how much it will cost.

    • Dear Michele,

      Heartworm prevention is an extremely important step in maintaining the health of your pet, and she will need to be put on a regular dose of it by the time she is 12 weeks old. The companies which produce the most trusted brands of heartworm preventions occasionally change their prices to meet customer demand and production needs. So, in order to get an accurate price, you’ll need to contact the front desk and they will be able to tell you the different prices for the different products we offer. It would also be helpful if you knew your pets exact weight when you call, as most heartworm preventions are dosed by weight.

  37. My dog is scratching and scratching and her fur is starting to come out. She had fleas, but we washed them all out. I am starting to think she has a flea allergy. I am not able to pay an extremely large amount of money since I am currently in college and working a part time job. Someone referred me to you guys because of your low prices. I really would like to know how much your examinations are and about how much it would be to fix whatever it is that is wrong with her. Also, are payment plans available?

    • Dear Kazia,
      A flea allergy is likely, however there can be a number of other reasons for itching and loss of fur. Please call the ladies at the front desk and ask for the current examination price, the price of a skin scraping (to check for mange), and the price for a monthly flea preventative. They will also be able to tell you all about our Care Credit plan for pets, and other payment options.

  38. Price on getting my pitbull smoke tested for heart worms along with the price of the cost of the office visit

    • Dear Cristy,

      Prices sometimes change with the market. Please call the ladies at the front desk for current prices on all services and products.

    • Dear Nikki, the first shots will be $23.50, fecal float is $18.75 and office exam with vaccinations is $29.40.

    • Dear Krystin, we don’t offer payment plans, but you can apply with Care Credit here at the clinic or go on-line to and apply, and you get immediate notification of whether you qualify or not. If it is a single (not joint) application, you can also call 1-800-677-0718 to apply. We accept Care Credit along with other major credit cards. I hope this answers your question.

  39. I have one female cat needs spay surgery. How much will it cost? And do I need to have appointment or can I just bring her on Monday?

    • Dear Dana, yes, you will need to call and schedule your cat for surgery. The cost for the surgery is $150.60, but if your cat is in heat or pregnant, it will be an additional $54.50. If you want pre-op blood work done, that is $79.90, and if you want a pain injection, that is an additional $31.05. Please call 285-4210 to schedule or if you have any other questions. Our receptionists will be happy to assist you.