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  1. We have recently moved to Prattville and a friend recommended this vet clinic. After adding a new puppy to our pack, we needed to get her vaccinations. Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Peggy Day. She was a real sweetheart and we will definitely continue using this clinic.

    • Excellent! We’re happy that you had such a great experience. Dr. Day is one of five fantastic veterinarians we have on staff here, and is one of the founding partners. Visit the Meet The Vets! page for more information on our veterinarian staff!

  2. I need to re-order my dogs meds. (Rascal & Bella) They need the same as what I ordered last month. I will ask family to pick up the order and I wish to pay by bank card. The number will be the same as last month. Please email me through gmail so we can get on the same page. Thanks Bobby Nix

    • We currently do not offer refills online. For medication refills, please call the front desk at (334) 285-4210 in order to verify your information and the medicine dosages.

  3. I saw that you have an application for employment. Where do I go to see what positions are available and what the qualifications are?
    Becky H.

    • Dear Becky,
      Applications can be submitted to the front office at any time, and we will contact viable candidates when positions open up. Just be sure to include your experience, and the supervisory staff will be able to place you in a position that suits your skill set.

    • Dear Valorie,
      Dr. Kocher (pronounced Coke-er) can treat a variety of exotic species, including most common reptiles, amphibians, small rodents, rabbits, and birds. If you own an animal outside of this spectrum, call ahead of time to make sure your pet can be treated at our facility.

        • Dear Alexis,

          Dr. Kocher does not typically treat most types of what would be considered domestic farm animals, such as pigs, cows, goats, sheep, or horses. However, she may have a recommendation for a veterinarian who does. Please call the front desk and check with them for more information.

  4. Last week during the Snow and Ice storm The Ark remained open for emergencies but was working with a skeleton crew. I would like to say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Day and front office staff member Jackie for being there! My Maltese started to get very ill the night before the storm & by the next afternoon I thought I would lose her she was so sick. Because of them staying I was able to get her treated and the pain medicines she needed. She is doing much better a week later. My sincere appreciation to Dr. Day and Jackie for your dedication. It is very much valued.

  5. my lab is 55 pounds he has followed a bag of Dentastix that were made for toy dogs approximately 20 sticks they are very small.its been almost an hour and a half and he hasn’t thrown up or he lays down more than usually does while we’re throwing me please should i induce vomiting?

    • Dear Rebecca,

      No, there should be no reason to induce vomiting. Dentastix are formulated to help rid the dog’s teeth of tartar build up, but does not have any medication in the formula which would be harmful to him. Your dog’s size is another factor, as larger dogs are able to process larger amounts of food than small dogs. If he vomits on his own, just make sure he has access to clean water and that he continues to eat normally in the 24-48 hours afterward. If he loses his appetite altogether, stops drinking altogether, or vomits continually, he should be examined by a vet.

  6. I have 2 male 1/2 chihuahua & 1/2 Pekingnese puppies that were born on 9/6/14. What shots and at what age do you recommend they get before they go to their new homes in 12 weeks? And how much are they?

    • Dear Vicki,
      Puppies should generally have four sets of puppy shots at 6, 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age. All sets should include a DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus) vaccine. The 12 week shots will include their first annual Rabies vaccine. Prices can change but generally the DHLPP vaccine will be around 25 dollars, and the Rabies vaccine will be around 12 dollars. Although you do not need to schedule appointments for them, you should contact the front desk to verify prices.

  7. I had my dog treated last week, was told he had an ear infection and was given an antibiotic ointment to put in his ears. After three days of treatment we noticed he no longer could hear. I have discontinued the medication after consulting on line for a quick answer and finding that hearing loss is a possible side effect, do I need to try another medication or will this be the result with all ointment antibiotics? Will the hearing loss be temporary?

    • Dear Teresa,
      Hearing loss is always a possible side effect with any treatment that goes directly into the ear canal, however, it is more likely the result of the infection. It could be temporary, if the hearing loss is a result from inflammation or scar tissue, but it could also be permanent if the ear drum is irreparably damaged by the infection. Consult the vet that originally prescribed the medication and ask for possible oral medication and gentle ear wash treatments as an alternative.

  8. Hi can you tell me if you neuter/spay rabbits? if so, what age and can you tell me a guesstimated cost for this? thanks, juli

    • Dear Juli,
      Surgeries and specialty treatments for exotic pets can be done on a case by case basis. You’ll need to call the front desk to make the appointment and make sure that a veterinarian who can perform that surgery is available on the day you request. Most spays and neuters must be done after 6 months of age. Due to costs of additional services which are optional, such as pre-anesthetic blood work and post-operation pain management, you’ll need to get an estimate over the phone with one of our receptionists.

  9. Once again Dr. Ashley Norman went above and beyond the call of duty in caring for our Boston Terrier, Quincy! Dr. Norman has provided expert care for our dog since we met her when she was working the night shift at the Montgomery Emergency Clinic 11 years ago when Quincy was bitten in the face by a Copperhead snake. Last week she diagnosed a condition we were not aware of, and then created a plan of action that provided immediate relief for Quincy. She has followed up with numerous phone calls. I told my wife that there should be a reality TV show about Dr. Norman called “Super Vet”!

  10. My dog itches herself more than usual and the bottoms of her paws around her pads are red and looks like little tiny bumps where she continues to lick. Some appeared to be dried out, almost scab like as if they are clearing up. There is an area under her belly that is now a dark brown color and looks spotty. About a month ago we moved and treated her for fleas after we found a few but haven’t seen any since. She is still eating and playing like normal. Could this be an aftermath of flea bites?

    • Dear Brooke,
      It could, but flea allergies tend to present all over the body, not just in localized areas. Localized reactions are usually caused by what we call “contact allergens”, which basically means something she has touched. Could be grass, could be her bedding…could be a lot of things. Grass is most common, but sometimes things like a new washing powder or something you’ve sprayed on the lawn recently could do it too. Try giving benedryl at 1mg per pound of body weight, twice a day for a week. If it has not cleared up or has gotten worse by then, you should bring her to the vet.

  11. I’ve been an avid fan of the Ark since moving to this area in 2010. The doctors and staff are all warm, welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable!! They helped my two Boxers cross the rainbow bridge with compassion and professionalism. I wouldn’t take my ‘kids’ anywhere else! God bless you all and what you do for us and the animals we love.

  12. I brought my sons dog “Pup” into your office on Saturday. Just wanted to give you an update! She is doing really good and just wanted to thank you! I had limited money and couldnt afford any Tests. The antibiotic, meds for her hacking and throwing up and ear drops. She is doing so much better. I was thinking the worse as for heartworms or kidney problems.

  13. Do your Doctors currently prescribe the new drug Sileo that helps in the treatment of noise aversion in dogs? My two dogs have gotten worse and worse the last several months when it comes to loud noises (thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.). I’ve tried just about everything and was hoping this new drug may help. Thank you.

    • Dear Rick, yes, we have Sileo. You may drop in and pick up a brochure on the product. It is $28.00, comes in a 3 ml/syringe-like dispenser and is given based on weight.

  14. I have been using Ark for several years and the care of many animals. If you are looking for an educated, knowledgeable and compassionate vet, look no more. I have seen one or the other vets and each time was the same. Great. The staff is excellent. They get you back quickly and out quickly without being rushed. Recently I had to put my 16 year old lab to sleep. Without sounding morbid, I have buried a mother and a granddaughter and the compassion and sensitivity everyone showed was equal to that of family loss. I was heart broken over Kobe’s death. I received a lovely sympathy card and realized then my loss was equally important and not silly. In closing, if you want the best vet and staff, go to Ark. You will have it.

    • Dear Jane, thank you for your kind, positive words. We understand the pain of losing a pet, it is never unimportant or silly. They are a part of our families and they contribute to the quality of our lives, so we definitely feel heartache at their passing. We thank you for your patronage and for your encouragement.