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3076 Highway 14,
Millbrook, AL 36054

M-F 7:30 am - 12:00 pm
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  • Ark Animal Hospital in Millbrook AL
  • Ark Animal Hospital in Millbrook AL

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Services and Products

Here is a short list of the services and products we provide. For more information, please visit the services pages.

Wellness Examinations


Radiographs: The veterinarian may take an X-Ray of your pet to evaluate broken bones.

Ultrasound: The vet will use an ultrasound machine to test for abnormalities such as intestinal blockages or kidney stones.

Blood Glucose Test: We can test a small sample of blood to see if the blood sugar level of your pet is at the correct levels.

In-House Blood Tests: At the Ark, we have a wide variety of equipment at our disposal. In some cases, the Veterinarian may need to test a sample of blood for Liver or Kidney abnormalities, among other things.

Specialty Blood Tests: Sometimes we may need to send a sample of your pet’s blood to the specialists at Auburn to identify rare conditions, or to do in-depth profiles for elderly patients.

Urine Tests: We can test a sample of urine to determine whether or not your pet has a bladder infection.

Diet Consultations: We can consult with you about your pet’s dietary needs, and recommend a specific diet for your pet.

Weight: We will weigh your pet before every visit. We will use this information for everything from Dietary Consultation to dosages for your pet’s medications.

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Care: We can use specialized dental equipment to clean your pet’s teeth. This procedure requires light sedation, and must be set up by appointment.

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork: We can test a sample of blood to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. This type of work up is recommended before any procedure that requires anesthesia.

Pain Management: We can give your pet pain medications after surgical procedures.

General Surgeries: We provide many types of surgery here at the Ark. All of our vets are highly skilled and qualified to perform each of these procedures. Here is a list of the most common types of surgery. Specialty surgeries are sometimes performed or referred, and depend upon the circumstance.

Orthopedic Surgeries

Artificial Insemination: We can artificially inseminate a female dog for the purpose of producing puppies. There is no guarantee with this procedure.

Birthing: We can aid in birthing puppies or kittens.

Intensive Care: At the Ark we have up-to-date monitoring capabilities and state of the art facilites for the best possible care. In some cases, your pet may have a sever illness or wound that requires that they stay with us.

IV Fluids: We can administer medication and hydrating fluids to your pet via IV.

Euthanasia: When the time comes, we can help you say goodbye to your pet.

Cremation Services: Greenbrier Pet Care Services offers a wide range of urns and services to accommodate your pet after death. We work directly with the company, so you don’t have to. To see more about Greenbrier, visit our Forms and Links page.

Medications: At the Ark we have a full stock of medications to deal with every type of medical situation, from minor itch and irritations to seizure medicines. We also provide a wide variety of heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives. Please download our Online Pharmacy Policy to see our policy about dealing with online pharmacies.

Specialty Food: We offer prescription diets from the most trusted brand names, such as Science Diet, Hills, and Purina.

PRICES DISCLAIMER: Often the manufacturers of certain items that we provide increase their cost to us. We must reflect this increase in our pricing, and therefore the prices of such items will fluctuate from time to time. However, we endeavor to absorb as much of the price difference as possible to bring you the absolute best items at the lowest prices possible.


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