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Millbrook, AL 36054

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  • Ark Animal Hospital in Millbrook AL
  • Ark Animal Hospital in Millbrook AL
  • Ark Animal Hospital in Millbrook AL


Supplemental Pain Management Program

The past decade has seen great advancements in pain management in veterinary medicine. We at Ark Animal Hospital would like to offer our surgery patients this benefit and provide post-operative pain relief. For any of our surgery patients we do recommend pain management. For cats this includes an injection; for dogs this includes an injection and four days of oral medication. For more involved procedures stronger drugs may be used. All pain medication is at an additional cost:


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Cats: pain injection - $32.90

Dogs: Pain Injection & Oral Medication 0-25# - $38.36
Pain Injection & Oral Medication 26-50# - $42.50
Pain Injection & Oral Medication 51-75# - $58.70
Pain Injection & Oral Medication 76-100# - $75.70
Pain Injection & Oral Medication >100# - $91.80

NO, Do not use pain management for my pet.


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