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Summer Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe

It’s summer time! That means the temperatures are rising and you and your pet are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors. So here are a few tips for how to keep your pets safe and healthy during these summer months!.

Remember that your pet can overheat! Like humans, your pet can become overwhelmed in the heat, however, they have a limited ability to deal with the heat and cool down. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on your pet and make sure to provide them with plenty of fresh cool water.

Signs of Overheating in Your Pet:

Summer heat means an increase in insects! During the summer months, the prevalence of mosquitos, ticks and other summer insects increases. These pesky pests carry some very serious diseases such as heartworm and Lyme disease so you are going to want to make sure your pet is protected. Make sure that you limit your pet’s exposure to tall grass and woodsy areas where ticks and other insects are commonly found. Alternatively, and what we recommend, is that you talk with us about flea and tick prevention as well as heartworm prevention. These methods are the best way to make sure your pet stays protected.

Humans are not the only creatures that need protection from the sun! Some pets with short hair or pink skin are susceptible to sunburn just like humans. Talk with us to see if your pet would benefit from the use of sunscreen when spending prolonged periods of time in the sun. We will make recommendations as to which sunscreen is the safest and the best ways to apply it to keep your pet’s skin safe.

Pets enjoy water time too! However, it is always best to make sure your pet is closely supervised when playing at the pool or at the ocean. Even the strongest swimmers can have trouble getting out of a pool or can get caught in an ocean’s current. If you plan on taking your dog boating or other more risky water adventures consider a doggie life vest.

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